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SHH-E Series Pre-fold Lock Bottom Automatic Corrugated Paper Folder Gluer


The forming beautiful shape, easy to fill boxes in kind, more convenient to open. Separate operation before and after the single transducer. Is more economical, more practical models. Professional for the corrugated box, gluing side keep stright no inclined , sticky boxes degree of intensity, will not be break and cracks, etc., can do 15,000 or more per hour like the wine box with crash lock bottom . Also be used for various types of crash lock bottom boxes, medicine boxes, cosmetic boxes and do simple box.

Technical Parameter:

lock-bottom-box                no-lock-bottom-box


Box Type (Amax) (Amin) (Bmax) (Bmin) (Cmin) (Dmin) (Fmin)
No Lock Bottom Box 700mm 70mm 1600mm 160mm 10mm 100mm 51mm
Lock Bottom Box 700mm 160mm 1500mm 180mm 12mm 120mm 85mm


Box Type (Amax) (Amin) (Bmax) (Bmin) (Cmin) (Dmin) (Fmin)
No Lock Bottom Box 700mm 70mm 1400mm 130mm 8mm 70mm 51mm
Lock Bottom Box 700mm 160mm 1300mm 180mm 9mm 90mm 85mm


Box Type (Amax) (Amin) (Bmax) (Bmin) (Cmin) (Dmin) (Fmin)
No Lock Bottom Box 700mm 70mm 1200mm 130mm 8mm 70mm 51mm
Lock Bottom Box 700mm 160mm 1100mm 180mm 9mm 90mm 85mm


Box Type (Amax) (Amin) (Bmax) (Bmin) (Cmin) (Dmin) (Fmin)
No Lock Bottom Box 700mm 70mm 1020mm 130mm 8mm 70mm 51mm
Lock Bottom Box 700mm 160mm 920mm 180mm 9mm 90mm 85mm


Box Type (Amax) (Amin) (Bmax) (Bmin) (Cmin) (Dmin) (Fmin)
No Lock Bottom Box 700mm 70mm 840mm 130mm 8mm 70mm 51mm
Lock Bottom Box 700mm 160mm 790mm 180mm 9mm 90mm 85mm


linear speed 0~220m/min
Suitable material 220~800 gsm paper board and B, C, E, F wave corrugated paper.
Paste box basic form One-side edge pastes, two-side edge pastes, base pastes Both sides are folded, both sides are pre-folded.in Order to convenient to paste
Feeding way Automatically and continuously feeding
Adhesive Solute type
Power 11KW
Overall Size 11000x1850x1400mm,11000x1650x1400mm, 11000x1450x1400mm.
The scope of count 0-999999

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